Too many connections error memcached

Matt Bartolome mattxbart at
Mon Sep 17 18:29:02 UTC 2007

On 9/17/07, Brett Hoerner <bretthoerner at> wrote:
> On Sep 17, 2007, at Sep17, 1:06:20PM, Matt Bartolome wrote:
> > After a period of 30 minutes or so I get a "Too many connections"
> > message which causes apache to barf an internal server error on the
> > other end. Decreasing  -c to 50 will reproduce the message more
> > quickly [snip]
> It certainly sounds like your connections aren't being closed.
> I gather you are using Apache, mod_python ... and then what version
> of Django?  Are you using Django's builtin cache backend or are you
> using the py-memcached client library yourself?
Yes, using django 0.96 with built in cache backend. Apache2 with
mod_python. I believe I installed the memcached python bindings as
well as they explain on the django tutorial.

Here is my -vv output, and it doesn't seem like connections are being
closed. Once in a while there will be a dump of about 100 connections
being closed all at once.

<265 new client connection
<265 get views.decorators.cache.cache_header.entertainment./get_multimedia_slot
>265 END
<267 new client connection
<267 get views.decorators.cache.cache_header.entertainment./get_multimedia_slot/
>267 END
<276 new client connection
<276 get views.decorators.cache.cache_header.contest./win-vip-tickets-2007-port-san-diego-sea-air-parade/
>276 END
<283 new client connection
<283 get views.decorators.cache.cache_header.classified./ads/2409734
>283 END
<289 new client connection
<289 get views.decorators.cache.cache_header.entertainment./profiles/events/grrrrrlpowers/print_view
>289 END
<292 new client connection
<292 get views.decorators.cache.cache_header.entertainment./weather.xml
>292 sending key views.decorators.cache.cache_header.entertainment./weather.xml
>292 END
<292 get views.decorators.cache.cache_page.entertainment./weather.xml.d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
>292 sending key
>292 END
<293 new client connection
<293 get views.decorators.cache.cache_header.entertainment./profiles/events/grrrrrlpowers/print_view/
>293 END

> Brett


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