Altering queries?

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Fri Sep 21 19:00:20 UTC 2007

On Sep 21, 2007, at 11:50 , K J wrote:

> First time I've heard of this.  Is there sample PHP code or library  
> that implements the bloom filter?  I've searched and read some  
> articles on them, but so far, no code to study or play with.

	I really doubt it's necessary, but the algorithm is pretty  
straightforward if you wanted to implement one yourself.  I think I  
implemented it as described in wikipedia or something.

	You'd  use it as a guard against a data source you'd consider  
expensive.  It will tell you for certain if a key is missing, but  
only within a certain degree of probability if it's present.  You  
would use that to decide whether you needed to dig deeper or not on  
your large, expensive data store.

	It's unlikely you actually need that, though.  I only brought it up  
to point out that if you start down this direction, there's a lot you  
can do to make it perform should you actually have a problem.

Dustin Sallings

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