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Liam MacKenzie lmacka at
Fri Sep 28 01:39:52 UTC 2007

Hi all.

I've recently set up a memcached server for the purpose of PHP Session
clustering.  It's working very nicely, although I'm having trouble working
out how to control the lifetime of my sessions.  I'm just using the standard
PECL module and no modification to my code.
I've got memcached running with 512M of RAM allocated to it.  I run some
fairly busy sites, so I figured I'd go overkill on the memory allocation
just in case.  I'd like to lower this if possible, but I noticed this
morning (after 3 days of operation) that all of that 512M is being utilised
and just under 5Gigs of session data has been saved to the data in that

My main goal is to be able to control my session lifetime, but I'm also
interested in learning about any other tips and tricks people might have to
offer with the management of memcached.  So far, the most information I've
been able to gather from my daemon is the following:

Thanks in advance!



"Sometimes a few hours of trial & error
can save minutes of reading manuals."
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