php client

Eric Chang scrazy77 at
Tue May 3 18:26:44 PDT 2005

The php client works fine.
But I don't know which implemenation is better in our environment.
User files' url like :
Since our script written in PHP, so we could use php MogileFS client
writting file into MogileFS.
Then we need transparent access for our users (browser).

1. using Perlbal as frontend, then dispatch request to backend ,
the backend is mod_rewrite pass to my php script,php script translate
the incoming url to
MogileFS file key, then get the file real path(url) , return reproxy to Perlbal,
at least Perlbal get the real file and return to user ? 

2.using mod_rewrite and my php script,get the real file data , and
return to user directly
(I don't know how to handle the file's mime types in this situation)

Which way is better? any other better implementation ?


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