ANN: python client

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Fri May 6 10:30:36 PDT 2005

Wow, what a surprise.  The other day PHP and today Python.  This is great.

Do you want me to link this from the MogileFS website?  You going to make
a page for it?

- Brad

On Fri, 6 May 2005, Justin Azoff wrote:

> I'm mostly finished porting the perl client to python.  I started with a
> pretty literal translation and then redid how some things worked, like
> exceptions and default arguments.
> It is almost identical to the perl api, I think the only real change I
> did was add a file argument to get_file_data so you can do
> tmpfp=open("/tmp/file", 'w')
> c.get_file_data('file', fp=tmpfp)
> tmpfp.close()
> or
> c.get_file_data('file', sys.stdout)
> that was easy to do since I used pycurl.
> All that is left I think is to implement MogileFS::Admin(and lots of
> unit tests...), but that looks easy enough.  I also want to port
> mogtool.. I am not sure if I should put the big file chunk handling in
> itself, or leave it as separate code.
> I've stashed it at
> for the time being.
> Some things might not work right, testing the failure handling will be
> tricky.. I need to get more nodes running where I can easily turn off
> ports or killall mogstored and see what happens.
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> -- Justin Azoff
> -- Network Performance Analyst

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