php client

Eric Chang scrazy77 at
Sun May 8 21:32:41 PDT 2005

option 2 test success!
-> lighttpd(fastcgi-php + mod_rewrite)
->sent rproxy header back to perlbal
->perlbal get file data from one of mogstored(s)
->return to browser

and then... 2 questions:
1.if I want return some html or text file in gzip (reduce bandwidth
cost), how ?, does mogstored(perlbal) support this? or..? (of course,
if I using option 1,direct get file data, I can easily gzip data then
return to browser)
2.file mimetype handling,mogilefs didn't record the file's mime type,
but we need this to set header content type, for correctly usage. I'm
using file's extention name to make this work,ex: .jpg-> images/jpeg ,
are there any solution for this ?

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