some questions/optimization ideas

Hill, Greg grhill at
Tue Nov 7 22:10:44 UTC 2006

> > The POSIX module exports all of its functions by default, adding
> 1MB to
> I think you're right.  This is kind of the classic example of why to
> use import lists.  I think Practical mod_perl uses that example.

Yeah, I think Damian does mention it as well.  But, I am not at all
exaggerating.  It was 1MB per process, just for using POSIX and not
specifying an import list.

> > While you could just do:
> >
> >  if (! $dbh->ping) {
> >              undef $dbh;
> > }
> >
> I suggested something like that a while back.  Brad said to keep it in
> there for backwards compatibility with old broken MySQL versions. See:

ping is a function in DBI, so it shouldn't be affected by differing
versions so long as the DBD module for your database supports it (last I
checked, all the ones I looked at did, and have done so for many
versions).  That post you sent is referring to using connect_cached, and
dropping validate_dbh altogether.  I was just proposing changing
validate_dbh to not be mysql-specific.


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