FW: Read-only devices growing and best way to migrate from one host to another

Saunders, Newton nsaunders at corp.untd.com
Fri Nov 10 15:55:14 UTC 2006


In regard to your second question about rebalancing files after adding a
new storage node, I discussed the method our company is investigating


However, our method requires Mogile 2.0 and that some meta information
for each file (i.e. original creation date so that we can distinguish
between new and existing files) be stored outside of Mogile.  This might
make the solution unapplicable for you...


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Subject: Read-only devices growing and best way to migrate from one host
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I have a couple of mogile hosts with devices that are getting full.  I 
marked all of the devices on these hosts as 'readonly' but they seem to 
be increasing in size (although slower than before they were marked 
readonly).  Has anybody seen this before?  Any suggestions?

Also, does anybody have suggestions for moving all data off of one host 
and onto other hosts?  I am inclined to just mark a device as 'dead' and

let nature takes its course as the replication fills up newer, better 
servers.  However, if somebody has a better solution I would like to 
hear it.

Oh, I am running a pre-2.0 mogile (svn snapshot from late June).

Thanks in advance,


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