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Saunders, Newton nsaunders at
Mon Nov 13 21:45:27 UTC 2006



I just updated to the latest version of MogileFS in subversion and am
having some trouble with the mogadm utility.  I am unable to change a
host's status or http_port.  The following call does not cause an error,
however, it also does not modify the host:


mogadm --trackers=<tracker_host>:<tracker_port> host modify
<storage_node_host> --status=alive --port=22675



The issue lies with the GetOpt::Long configuration.  This change fixes
the problem:


[newton] ~/mogilefs > svn diff utils/mogadm

Index: utils/mogadm


--- utils/mogadm        (revision 458)

+++ utils/mogadm        (working copy)

@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@

         "help"       => \$opts{help},

         "verbose"    => \$opts{verbose},

     ) or abortWithUsage();




 # bail for help

 abortWithUsage() if $opts{help};

[newton] ~/mogilefs >








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