Making mogadm better

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Nov 14 02:24:29 UTC 2006


Given that people's first (or most common) impression of MogileFS is
generally the "mogadm" command, I'm going on a mission to make it totally
awesome.  (Historically it's been neglected, but it's time for that to
change, as it'd taint people's view of the project's quality elsewhere...)

I'm most of the way now through a major cleanup that unifies all the
documentation, interactive help, and argument parsing, so all three must
always be in sync, since they all come from the same data structure.

You can see the work in progress in svn 460.   Be warned that only the
"host" commands have been converted.  So current svn is broken at 460, but
this is my motivation to finish fixing it tonight.  :)

Newton, thanks for pushing me into this w/ your Getopt::Long comment,
which led me move all that stuff into a central spot.  :)

- Brad

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