Errors while adding hosts and device

shailesh_joshi at shailesh_joshi at
Tue Nov 14 07:12:27 UTC 2006


I have downloaded and using MogileFS from
Using the mogadm tool, I'm able to add class and domain, but it fails while adding hosts and devices.
Following are the commands and errors that I'm getting.

# mogadm --lib=/usr/local/MogileFS-1.00 --trackers= host add localhost --ip= --port=7500 --status=alive

Failure creating host: unknown_command Unknown server command

# mogadm --lib=/usr/local/MogileFS-1.00 --trackers= device add localhost 1
Error adding device: unknown_command Unknown server command

After debugging the "mogadm" file, I found that it is failing at following line in - sub cmd_host_add 


Does anyone has pointers on this?

Thanks and Regards,
Shailesh Joshi

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