Eric Lambrecht eml at guba.com
Wed Nov 15 22:24:30 UTC 2006

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Wow, where do I start?  This is all over the place.  :)

Yeah... heh... I know. I wanted to throw something out in case I get 
sidetracked.. you never know if some enterprising individual would spend 
the time to work with this...

> Do you want comments already (and on what?), or do you want to break this
> into smaller pieces and start getting it into svn?

Hrmm... how about some comments on the changes to the replication policy 
code and the Replication worker? Take a look at the changes to 
Replication.pm and MuitipleHosts.pm

What do you think of the ability for a replication policy to delete 
things? What about the 'extrareplicacount' idea?

Beyond those things, I think I might be able to split things up.

> Are you planning on staying caught up on svn but maintaining differences,
> getting your stuff into svn, or just forking?  (I'm doubting forking,
> since you sent this code drop... :))

I want to stay caught up. No point in doing open source if you can't 
mooch off of everybody else's hard work. ;-)

> I'd love to help you get the common parts in and anything guba-specific
> into clean hooks/policy classes, but it'll be some work on both our parts.
> How do you want to proceed?

Is there anything in what I've described that just sounds nuts to you?

I'll try to break out the straight bugfixes/simple tweaks and submit 
those as soon as possible, then move to the more controversial stuff.


> On Wed, 15 Nov 2006, Eric Lambrecht wrote:
>>I've attached a patch that takes revision 458 from the sixapart svn and
>>patches it to include the changes we've made internally to mogile. I can
>>break this down, but I wanted to at least get something back in case I
>>get distracted again...
>>The big changes we made:
>>All the decisions for where to put a particular file (when storing for
>>the first time or replicating) are now part of the replication policy.
>>We added a 'store_on' function to the ReplicationPolicy class that is
>>called by the 'create_open' command to ask for a place to store the
>>first instance of a file. The 'Mgd::find_device_id' code was moved to
>>the default MultipleHosts replication policy.
>>The replication code was updated so that a ReplicationPolicy class can
>>tell the replication worker to delete a replica. It does this by
>>returning a negative device id from the 'replicate_to' class. We also
>>pass the size of the file to be replicated to the ReplicationPolicy.
>>Also, the 'files_to_replicate' table has an 'extrareplicacount' column
>>added that lets use request more than the minimum number of replicas for
>>some file (see below).
>>new 'increp' script that lets you tell mogile to make extra replicas of
>>some file (see below).
>>'listpaths' command added to mogtool to assist our admins/developers in
>>finding out where things are in mogile and checking their size (we had a
>>lot of truncated/missing files for some reason). It just prints out the
>>URLs of the requested file along with their actual size as determined by
>>a HEAD request.
>>The 'host_meta' table was added, along with the code to read it in when
>>caching host information.
>>Our MultipleHostsWithHints replication policy was added (see my previous
>>email and the comments in the code for how it works).
>>Our 'Reduce' worker was added (see below).
>>Updates to make the Checker work (not heavily tested yet).
>>Update to mogdbsetup to make all our database changes.
>>With respect to the 'Reduce' worker, the 'extrareplica' count stuff, and
>>the abililty for a ReplicationPolicy to mark something for deletion:
>>Our internal goal has been to update mogile to push content around to
>>different machines to deal with different file size/access patterns
>>(without changing the API for interacting with mogile). Our
>>MultipleHostsWithHints replication policy solves that and lets us throw
>>things to specific machines upon insertion (thumbnails to low
>>storage/high ram boxes, big ol' DVD's to reall dense/slow machines)..
>>To handle content that suddenly becomes very popular, but is on slow
>>machines, we came up with the notion of 'overreplicating' it. We realize
>>that fid XXX is popular (via the lighttpd logs), so we tell mogile to
>>make a couple extra replicas of XXX by throwing a new entry in the
>>'files_to_replicate' table with 'extrareplicacount' set to some non-zero
>>Just making more copies of a file doesn't necessarily speed up access to
>>it, but when we combine this with our replication policy (which says
>>'put replicas 3 and 4 of any file on these really fast boxes'), we can
>>ensure that popular content gets migrated to our really fast machines
>>and we don't beat the hell out of our higher density archive boxes.
>>We added the 'Reduce' worker to randomly delete those extra replicas
>>from the fast machines. Our system continuously pushes popular stuff to
>>the high speed machines while randomly removing older (hopefully less
>>popular) stuff from those boxes.
>>We updated the ReplicationPolicy code to allow it to delete replicas so
>>that it can push things around if their existing locations don't match
>>up with where the policy wants them to be. This is useful if you've
>>stored something under replication policy X, but now change it to
>>replication policy Y or if you change the minimum devcount for some class.
>>If you have more questions, let me know. I'd like to help push any
>>changes into the official distro, but I understand if they don't work
>>with your broader goals...

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