Patch for the latest mogtool to add the "listkey" command

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Nov 20 01:22:22 UTC 2006

Comitted, thanks!

On Wed, 15 Nov 2006, Arthur Bebak wrote:

> Attached is a a patch to mogtool which will add a "listkey" command.
> The patch works against mogtool checked into subversion at revision 483.
> listkey will list all files which match the given key. Key is just a prefix,
> and this will list all keys which match the prefix. So if you specify key as
> "ABC1" then you'll get all keys which start with the characters "ABC1"
> So for example:
> mogtool listkey ABC1
> This will list all keys which start with the characters "ABC1".
> Obviously it would be nice if the given key could be a regexp, but
> we'd need support on the server side to do regexp matching against
> keys in the database to implement this.
> This patch is a followup to an earlier one I submitted on the list,
> but it never got incorporated into subversion, so here it is again
> after mogtool has been slightly updated.
> To apply:
> patch mogtool <mogtool_patch-483
> Enjoy,
> --
> Arthur Bebak
> abebak at

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