list_keys listing all keys

Arthur Bebak abebak at
Mon Nov 20 05:54:45 UTC 2006

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Really what we need is a:
>    list_keys after=&limit=1000
> Which means "return up to 1000 keys with key after ''".
> Then we get to "foo" as the 1000th item in the response, and client can
> re-issue:
>    list_keys after=foo&limit=1000
> And so on.
> And prefix can still live as an additional filter, in addition to after=.
> Care to write a patch?

Actually, what I think you really want is something which works like
an SQL select query. Specify a limit and an offset. This lets you do
things like paginated displays of keys with a minimum of fuss.

So for example, to list the first 1000 keys:

list_keys limit=1000 [offset=0]

The offset is optional and assumed to be equal to 0 if not given

To list the next 1000 keys:

list_keys limit=1000 offset=1001

And so on. The command can be easily mapped to an SQL select query
without the awkward "after" syntax - well, at least I think it's

If you want to be fancy you can also specify sort order, based
on things like key characters or creation date. Just an easy extension
to the SQL query.

Arthur Bebak
abebak at

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