MogileFS Oracle support

Jay Buffington jaybuffington at
Fri Sep 29 17:03:27 UTC 2006

I'm adding POD to all the packages.  As I went through the source I
marked the places that use MySQL specific features.  For now, I just
plan on adding Oracle support.  If someone down the road wants to add
support for another database, I hope this message will be helpful.

It's too difficult to be database agnostic; you're not able to take
advantage of the facilities and speedups that various dbs offer.  I
think the best approach is to just support the two or three databases
that people want to use.

For places where I need an "if mysql do this, else if oracle do that"
construct I'll use DBI::get_info:

my $db_type = $dbh->get_info( $DBI::Const::GetInfoType{SQL_DBMS_NAME} );
if ($db_type eq "Oracle" ) {
   $MogileFS::Config::DATABASE_TYPE = "oracle";
} elsif ( $db_type eq "MySQL" ) {
   $MogileFS::Config::DATABASE_TYPE = "mysql";
} else {
    die "Sorry, database type '$db_type' isn't supported by mogilefs";

Mgd::validate_dbh uses CONNECTION_ID.  I believe using
DBI::connect_cached() in Mgd::get_dbh() will allow us to get rid of
validate_dbh() altogether.

MySQL locks (GET_LOCK and RELEASE_LOCK) are used in a couple of
places.  Replace with a CPAN module like Proc::Lock?  I'm not sure if
Proc::Lock does what we need.  I'll need to benchmark a non-database
locking method (like Proc::Lock) against the MySQL one.  If MySQL
locking is significantly faster, I'll only use it when in Oracle mode,
otherwise, I'll just replace it altogether.

Other MySQL-ism, and how to fix them:
- AUTO_INCREMENT column types.
I'm not sure what to do about this.  Suggestions?

If oracle use ROW_NUM instead

Use server time instead of database time or query like this
    SELECT (sysdate - to_date('01-JAN-1970','DD-MON-YYYY')) * (86400)
AS dt FROM dual;
I could even write a stored procedure called UNIX_TIMESTAMP() that does this.

I guess the idea behind this is to ignore duplicate row errors.  I'm
not sure what to do about this in oracle.

If oracle use MERGE instead


p.s. would SQLite support be useful?

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