database-independence: it has begun.

Hill, Greg grhill at
Tue Jan 2 17:51:13 UTC 2007

> But for now I just want to remove all the 50 (er, 48 now) users of
> get_dbh() and make them go through the store interface, then we can
> with pretty namings.

This will help a lot.  We want to throw memcache in front of the queries
and having it all centralized like that will make it trivial (or at
least, a lot easier).  I might be able to help change all the old
database calls starting later today, I'll let you know.  Is there a
preferred method you want me to follow to verify I don't break anything?
I imagine that re-running all the tests after each change should cover
it, but if there's more to it, let me know.


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