database-independence: it has begun.

Hill, Greg grhill at
Tue Jan 2 18:14:01 UTC 2007

> I don't know if you really want to add memcached at the tracker level.
> By caching on the client side, not only do you take load off the
> databases, you take load off of the trackers.  You'd be better off
> writing a layer on top of the client side API to do the caching.  Its
> alot easier to scale the client side of mogilefs then it is to scale
> server (tracker + database) side of things.

Not sure I follow, are you saying to cache the actual files in memcache?
AFAIK, we are going to use a file cache on the client side, but we
wanted to limit load on the mysql servers by putting memcache between
mogile and mysql.  Or, at the minimum, to have that option should load
get too high on mysql (and with the current code, that would be
non-trivial, but having a centralized querying class makes it simple).
Mysql seems to be the one that's least likely to scale, since you can't
distribute writes very easily with it.  We can add as many tracker boxes
as we want.  Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding something.


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