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Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu Jan 11 01:28:22 UTC 2007

On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Jay Buffington wrote:

> I'm already struggling with
> step 0: make sure 'make test'  succeeds with mysql before adding Oracle support
> As a side note, I had to edit the code to get DBD::mysql to use a
> remote database.  Is there an easier way? Maybe I'll add
> variables.

I'd be fine with that.

> All the failing tests are failing because of $dbh->last_insert_id()

Hm, that's supposed to be the portable way.  Previously I was using
$dbh->{mysql_insert_id} and the SQLite way, but then I was able to switch
to last_insert_id and make MySQL and SQLite both work.

What's your DBD::mysql version?  I have 2.9006-1.  And MySQL 4.0.24.

> I'm using MySQL 4.1.7-standard as my mysql server.
> Any ideas?

Hopefully it's a DBD version issue?

> I think I'm going to give up on this and get around it by creating a
> MogileFS::Store::last_insert_id() method.  In the oracle
> implementation, that won't call the DBD function by the same name, it
> will return the last sequence that was selected, which was stored as a
> class variable.

I'm fine with that, but I'd like to get MySQL passing for you first.

- Brad

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