status update

Jay Buffington jaybuffington at
Fri Jan 12 23:26:19 UTC 2007

> Is your DBI version at least 1.43? The Makefile.PL of DBD::mysql shows
> that code for last_insert_it is compiled in only if DBD::mysql is built
> with DBI 1.43 or newer.

Yes, I have 1.53.
jay at webdev:~$ perl -MDBI -le 'print $DBI::VERSION'

BUT I just re-installed 2.9006 while researching this and my test
script started working.  I just reran the mogile server test suite and
all test passed!

Problem solved!

The original DBD::mysql 2.9006 was installed from a RPM.  I bet that
it was built against a DBI older than 1.43, so it didn't support

Thanks for the help!

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