store_content problems?

Matt Mankins matt at
Mon Jan 15 20:12:47 UTC 2007


We've got 2 trackers, 5 storage hosts, and 1 problem storing files:

  my $bytes_stored = $self->{'mogile'}->store_content($mogile_key,  
$mogile_class, $data_ref);

bytes_stored is undef.

I'm wondering what to look at to see where the problem is.

When I try using new_file/doing it manually, the file handle comes up  
as undef on the new_file method.

read_only = 0.

mogadm check shows everything up and running.

I just upgraded everything to mogilefs 1.04, but the problem remains.

Some files get stored just fine, and if we try long enough, every  
file seems to be able to be stored.

Sound familiar?



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