Boxen (was: conceptual overview?)

Dag Arneson dag at
Tue Jan 16 00:44:28 UTC 2007

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> As for configs:
> DBs:  reliable storage subsystem.  battery-backed write-back cache
> is nice, speeds commits.  big disk cache helps too, and lots of memory on
> the machine for InnoDB is nice.  Get two, setup with heartbeat (Linux-HA).
> Storage nodes:  Lots of SATA disks, one per mogile device.  3ware
> controller or something is good.  Lot of memory helps the buffer cache.
> Don't be tricked into seeing "7GB of memory free!" and thinking, "Oh, I
> should run more stuff on this box!".  Because that 7GB of memory is being
> used for file page cache, which makes Mogile effectively faster.
> Trackers:  whatever.  Needs some CPU, but not much.  Run 'em on your first
> few storage nodes (2's probably enough, 3 might be overkill....)
> Any other questions?

Is it a good idea to put storage nodes on the same machines as the 
pageservers for the application?  Because that would be an easy way to 
increase N for both at the same time, but rendering can be a hog, so it 
could be better to keep them separate.  Any data on this?

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