new release

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Jan 16 20:44:04 UTC 2007

Another 2.00 pre-release, 2.00_05, just uploaded to CPAN, and also at:

>From the CHANGES.mogilefsd file:

2006-12/2007-01:  (2.00_05)

        -- everything converted to OO API internally.  old internal APIs

        -- be database-agnostic.  Currently only works with MySQL (and
           SQLite as a joke/demo), but Pg/Oracle coming in the future.

        -- built-in I/O activity monitoring between mogstored/mogilefsd
           Monitor now.

        -- much improved internal communication between worker processes

        -- start of better docs

Nothing really new that people on this list haven't heard.  I guess the
big thing is that I'm now happy with the iostat monitoring between

So now get_paths requests will be load balanced based on the observed I/O

We've run with this logic on LJ for a year or more now and it works quite
well... it was just always managed outside of the mogilefs core.  Now it's

- Brad

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