Questions, about hardware for fast mogilefs

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Thu Jul 12 08:07:20 UTC 2007

On Jul 9, 2007, at 11:47 PM, Krzysztof Kulicki wrote:

> Presently, I'm having 3 600 000 fotos in average 50KB per one, and  
> 5 000 000 thubms in average 3KB per one, so its occupy in total  
> disk storage about 200GB.
> I in peak hours traffic is about 5500 queries per second.
> I would be able to obtain 20 units of sun x2100 M2, which each of  
> other has 2 SATA disks, two processors Opteron dual core. And such  
> unit is able to have max 64 GB ram. So, my question is how many  
> units I'll need? and  how many ram per one? Does mogilefs see few  
> disk like one virtual, and write and read data from each other at  
> same time? The main purpose is to increase the traffic from 5500 q/ 
> s to 10000 q/s (q/s  - queries per second)

It's really hard to say without knowing your traffic patterns  
better.  Are all ~9M files requested equally much?  Are most of your  
requests for the same say 50k files?

I'd go for more disks per server - unless you put enough memory in  
each box that everything is cached then your limit might easily be  
how quickly the disks spin around.   The CPUs are overkill if the  
boxes aren't used for anything else - better spend the money on disk  
spindles (and memory).

If you have a lot of repeat URLs then setup varnish (or squid with ~4  
15k disks in raid10) in front of the mogile cluster.

In any case, to figure out how many servers you need:  Get a minimal  
setup in place and benchmark that.  With ~10k request per second  
you'll likely be pushing your MySQL daemons too, but between varnish/ 
squid and/or perlbal to cache that data you can make it work.

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