mogile wiki?

Nathan Schmidt nathan at
Sun May 20 02:15:31 UTC 2007


I'm almost done with the importer code - it was a lot more subtle  
than expected (of course). Expect a transition 'soon'.

The deal is that a wiki will become a  
wiki and operate on the PBwiki codebase. All page revisions,  
attachments, tags, and comments get moved over.

We'll set up a forward from to as  

We've been using a mogilefs istall as our primary backing store as of  
February, it's been basically perfect for our needs.

-Nathan / PBwiki

On May 19, 2007, at 3:46 PM, Erik Paulson wrote:

> On the mogilefs wiki, all pages have a banner saying that wikis are  
> moving
> from to
> Is the mogile wiki moving to pbwiki, or to a new location?
> -Erik

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