Can't fetch stats

dormando dormando at
Wed Mar 19 00:42:10 UTC 2008

Er, whoops.

'mogadm stats' tends to run queries which will take a long time to 
respond, and mogadm gives up pretty early in that process.

If you have two DB's in master-master mode, with only one side active, 
I'd recommend (for now :\) to pull out the stats stuff and run it 
against the inactive side. You probably want to keep track of a few 
other things too (side of file_to_* queues, etc).


Javier Frias wrote:
> So weels after we started running a production load on our mogile
> cluster, we are seeing this:
> $ mogadm stats
> Fetching statistics...
> Can't fetch stats
> $
> Any way to troubleshoot this? Everything else seems to be working
> fine? What could be the cause of this?
> Setup:
> 2 db's in master-master mode
> 4 storage/tracker nodes with 6 x 750GB drives each.
> mogadm check reports nothing unusual.
> Thx

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