Parallel injects

dormando dormando at
Wed Mar 19 06:41:59 UTC 2008

Michael A. Toth wrote:
> Hi Dormando,
> Thank you for your answer! Why Perl script is better than simple shell
> script? I'm not too expert in Perl... :(

More well known vector. Mostly because mogtool isn't ideal since it does
a lot of its own magic.

> Only in test setups? How mogilefs can differentiate test env. and
> production env? :)

Usually folks in a test setup only have a single "host". So the default
replication policy (multiplehosts) isn't able to satisfy its device
requirements. So something like mogtool will hang forever.

>>  sent to mogtool (it has an option to not wait for replication, I'm
>>  pretty sure?).
> Really? I can't find any info about this possibility.

I can't find it either :\ Try writing a simple perl script to try it
with. Or php script if you grab that library... whatever you're most
comfortable with.


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