[OpenID] URL normalization issues

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Sat Mar 24 01:50:14 UTC 2007

Lukas Rosenstock wrote:
>> One of the problems with XRDS discovery (formerly known as Yadis) is
> Is it not Yadis anymore?

I'm not sure it was ever really completely accepted, but I was working 
on splitting Yadis into two chunks, where one is how to do service 
discovery on a subset of the XRDS format, and the other was how to 
resolve an XRDS document for an HTTP URI.

I never actually did write up the draft of the HTTP URI discovery spec, 
though. I should do that.

The dropping of the Yadis name is a separate issue, but one I do 
support: Yadis was originally a separate spec because it was to bring 
together several technologies such as LID, Sxip, etc. Now that most 
(all?) of the former Yadis stakeholders are taking part in OpenID 
there's no longer the big political reason to keep the HTTP-based 
discovery distinct from the OpenID brand, and having all of the specs be 
part of a single family makes things easier to understand for newcomers.

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