SFTP and Source path extensions

robb robb at canfield.com
Sun Aug 12 01:30:54 UTC 2007

I have been playing with brackup, potentially migrating from Duplicty,
rdiff-backup, and friends. I use a remote server for storage, accessible
with SSH, so I added SFTP support. I am testing it this weekend but so
far it works and generates files/directories exactly like the Filesystem
module. This consists of only Brackup::Target::SFTP.

I also needed a much more complex file path selection logic. I am
currently in the last stages of modifying Brackup to support a 'type'
for SOURCE much like TARGET does. This requires a number of small
changes and factoring some code out for better inheritance. The goal is
to keep it as simple to extend as TARGET and consistent with existing
Brackup code.

Just giving a heads up in case anyone else is working on similar


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