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robb robb at canfield.com
Fri Aug 17 22:45:03 UTC 2007

Using my patches you can have Brackup perform rather complex backup
sets. For example using the find tool (talking about complex file
selection) you could set a source like this:

path = /home/robb/projects

# Requires Brackup-crg version
type = FileList

# The file containing the input list
#   !! Pipes are allowed
#   -- By default duplicates will be ignored and all names
#      will be normalized to be relative to the 'path' above.
# This example will backup the vmail project without any .svn stuff.
# Don't forget the ending pipe character (|)
file=find ~robb/projects/misc/vmail -name '.svn' -prune -or -print |

Richard Edward Horner wrote:
> Yes, the page loads now, thanks!
> I was unaware of the underlying architectural mechanisms. I have not
> looked at the source code to either. I like rsync as it does an
> enormous amount of stuff. It's --include and --exclude flags are nice
> too.
> Yeah, I've looked at a lot of different backup solutions recently and
> S3 is a huge thing because it allows essentially anyone to immediately
> have an off site backup without any physical resource acquisition.
> Thanks, Rich(ard)

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