Brackup : SImpleFind ignore filter questions

Richard Edward Horner rich at
Thu Aug 23 19:12:52 UTC 2007

ignore_file sounds like a file from which a list of ignore rules
should be read, kinda like in rsync when you have an excludes file.

Maybe use "ignore_path" and just "ignore" to mean what you mean with

Later, Rich(ard)

On 8/23/07, robb <robb at> wrote:
> * Only applies to CRG's modified version of Brackup *
> As I port my rsync, duplicity and rdiff-backup configurations to Brackup
>  I am questioning the way I designed the ignore filters. Currently the
> filters are applied to files and directories (with directories
> optionally being compared with a trailing '/'). I am beginning to think
> that changing 'ignore' to an 'ignore_path' and 'ignore_file' might lead
> to easier to read and maintain configuration files, it should also be a
> tad faster. If I do this I will drop the 'ignore' keyword, which is
> probably a good idea anyway since SimpleFind's ignore patterns are
> different (by necessity) from the Brackup core.
> So in summary:
> ignore -- removed as a SimpleFind configuration
> ignore_path - only matched against directories (full path)
> ignore_file - only matched agains files (just the file name)
> Any thoughts?

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