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On 8/29/07, Richard Edward Horner <rich at> wrote:

> Can you explain what you mean by "Of course this will cause any file
> larger than this chunk size to be backed up again!"
> Are you saying that every time you run backup a given target that an
> unchanged file whose size is greater than the chunk size will be
> backed-up even if it hasn't changed? Or something else?

If a file is larger than the chunk size, than it is broken up into chunks
and backed up.  If you have already backed up a file, then change the chunk
size, the next time you go to back up that file, brackup will identify it as
too large and break it up.  Since the brackup file system is based on
digests of the files to be backed up, and these chunks will have a different
digest than that of the whole file, the file system will treat these three
files as separate and upload them.   Assuming you don't make further changes
to the chunk size (or the file in question), however, any subsequent backups
will break up the large file into chunks, and the digest of those chunks
will match the digest of the chunks earlier uploaded, so they will not be


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