Brackup - CRG version - Update

robb robb at
Sat Sep 1 01:47:44 UTC 2007

I have had some delays but hope to have the next version ready by
Monday. The current work has been focused on chunk handling. Basically I
needed to factor out the chunk code so I could implement alternate
compression and encryption AND reduce the RAM footprint for some

My solution, so far, is to create a module that encapsulate all
chunk operations into a basic file handle. This allows the Brackup code
to treat every chunk using standard Perl file operators, which should
simplify some of the code.  All limits for offset/length and read-only
are handled as are in-ram chunks and in-ram chunks becoming file chunks.
The code is written and I need to test it now. I expect the performance
to be about the same as the current Brackup code, maybe a tad faster
when using encryption or compression since the module optimizes some of
the current file handling for multi-processing.

I wanted to give a heads up in case anyone is working on something similar.

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