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Robb Canfield robb at canfield.com
Mon Sep 24 17:49:57 UTC 2007

For my SFTP module I use 3 character paths, I think. Under SFTP 
directories are expensive to create so I choose to create fewer of them 
with more files per directory. When I isolate all the patches out I'll 
try to add an option to control the path creation for both SFTP and 
FileSystem backups. A litle tricky since it should check for the 
existing style first.

You could of course change the directory path setting yourself, it's in 
FileSystem.pm, look for the location where the x characters of the MD5 
are used to create the path. Not on my devel system right now otherwise 
I would look it up for you.

Richard Edward Horner wrote:
> Hey Max,
> There are a couple ways to patch your kernel to remove this
> limitation. You should be able to find them online. That's the only
> idea I have.
> Rich(ard)
> On 9/23/07, Max Kanat-Alexander <mkanat at bugzilla.org> wrote:
>>         So, I'm using ext3, which apparently has a limit on the number
>> of subdirectories that can be under one directory. (This limit is
>> apparently 32000.)
>>         Currently, using Brackup, I hit that after 2 and a half days of
>> backups. And it's not even a huge backup set--maybe 4GB.
>>         Any recommendations on what I could do about it? Even making
>> the directories have eight characters instead of four characters would
>> make a difference, I think.
>>         -Max
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