Suggested structure to backup multiple servers?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sun Apr 13 17:10:43 UTC 2008

I recently changed the Filesystem target in svn to do an existence check (a
size check, actually) on the file-to-be-uploaded before actually uploading
it (er, "copying it" ... I use sshfs to backup a local "filesystem"
remotely).  I should push that up a layer so all targets (S3, etc) get that
for free.  But that means more round-trips in the case in the common case,
where the target doesn't actually have it, and you're just backing up 1
server to 1 target.  So I should probably make it a target option.

Something like:

type = Amazon
check_file_existence_before_upload = true

And you'd set that on any target that you expect the contents to already be
there, either from losing the inventory database, or from being backed up
from another server.

I'll keep this in my inbox until I do that.  But if you're using the
Filesystem target, get the latest svn from

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 2:06 AM, Ed W <lists at> wrote:

> Hi, Brackup looks like a good fit for my needs, but I need to backup quite
> a few identical servers (to S3) and so I'm looking to share the index files.
> How have other people solved this?  Seems like the options are:
> - Backup from one machine accessing the filesystems remotely
> - Use some way to share the db files online (I guess sqlite deals with
> multiusers over a shared filesystem?)
> - Backup servers one by one and sync the dbs around to each one by one
> (yuck)
> - Modify brackup to use mysql for the shared db files?
> Any comments from existing users?
> Cheers
> Ed W
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