Any work going on with this project?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sat Jan 19 16:39:38 UTC 2008

Ah, shit, I forgot that I setup filters for this list and I haven't been
checking it.  :/

Sorry, bad maintainer!

But I've actually moved the repo to here some time ago:

I'm happy to give other people commit access there.  (If you follow the
rules at , but please don't commit to the
sixapart repo.

- Brad

On Wed, 19 Dec 2007, William J. Coldwell wrote:

> There's quite a few bugs that need to be addressed for production use of
> brackup, and I'd like to see that it happen.  The patches from CRG are
> still in limbo?  Can we get a status on that and what is being done to
> the CRG branch now?
> --Cryo
> --
> William J. Coldwell (Cryo)
> Custodial Engineer
> Warped Communications, Inc.

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