GPGProcess leaking files in tmp

Michael Hanselmann public at
Sat Jun 28 10:00:32 UTC 2008

Hi Chris

On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 10:51:28PM -0700, Chris Anderson wrote:
> I've just started playing with brackup (great tool btw) and noticed that
> during my initial backup, a bunch of files are being orphaned in /tmp. I
> instrumented the code just enough to determine that it was Brackup::GPGProcess
> leaking the files, but haven't done any debugging beyond that.

> Is this a known issue, or should I continue looking into it?

Yes, it's a known issue (at least to me) with the last release. I'm
already committed some patches working towards fixing this in trunk, but
I've another patchset in the pipe fixing some more issues. However, it's
not ready yet (and I'll have to convince Brad :-)).



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