On Windows with encryption

nick.1977 at tin.it nick.1977 at tin.it
Fri Mar 7 18:27:32 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I am successfully running Brackup vers. 1.06, with Active Perl 
on Windows XP, without encryption.
However, whenever I switch on 
the encryption option, I run into the following

- if I leave 
"my $no_fork = 1;" in GPGProcess.pm, then Brackup reads
  and keeps in 
memory each file in the backup, before dumping the
  chunks to disk. As 
a result, the Perl process becomes bigger and
  bigger, until my 
computer runs out of memory and freezes.

- if I leave "my $no_fork = 
0;", then I hit the following error:
  * storing chunk: [prova_src(C:
\prova_src)] t=f
  Error running 
backup: Modification of a read-only value attempted at
_win/lib/Brackup/PositionedChunk.pm line 104.
  Error running backup: 
no child? at
  C:/Brackup-1.06_win/lib/Brackup/GPGProcManager.pm line 

  where line 104 in PositionedChunk.pm is:
  sub raw_chunkref
return $self->{_raw_chunkref} = \$data;
  in sub raw_chunkref

Is there 
any way I can configure Brackup so that each chunk is read,
and stored, sequentially?

Thank you.



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