Brackup stats proposal

Gavin Carr gavin at
Fri Nov 7 10:12:15 UTC 2008

Brackup trunk has a stats placeholder as a todo list item. I've
gone ahead and implemented some stats for my use that look like


  Start Time:                           Fri Nov  7 00:15:03 2008
  End Time:                             Fri Nov  7 00:58:02 2008
  File Discovery Time:                  240s
  Chunk Iterator Time:                  0s
  Chunk Storage Time:                   2327s
  Metafile Storage Time:                12s
  Total Run Time:                       2579s

  Post File Discovery Memory Usage:     352.7 MB
  Post Chunk Iterator Memory Usage:     363.8 MB
  Post Chunk Storage Memory Usage:      1354.0 MB
  Post Metafile Storage Memory Usage:   1549.1 MB
  Peak Memory Usage:                    1549.1 MB

  Number of Files                       297048
  Total File Size                       1302044.0 MB
  Number of Files Uploaded:             535
  Total File Size Uploaded:             31654.1 MB
  Run Arguments:                        --from=exportp --to=mercury_ftp_exportp --save-stats --gtop-stats

That basically covers some timing stats, some memory usage measurements
(via gtop), and some file and size counts. I've added a --save-stats
option which records the output to a .stats file with the same name and
location as the .brackup file produced.

So some questions:

- are people interested in this as a first pass at some stats?

- what have I missed that people would like to see included (and Brad,
  what were you envisaging including here?)

- any general suggestions / comments / critiques on this?


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