gc and encrypted metafiles

Stéphane Alnet stephane at shimaore.net
Mon Apr 20 09:01:02 UTC 2009


> I'm waking up this thread to see if there was ever a consensus as to whether
> this was the preferred solution or people preferred the patch for doing gc
> against local metafiles.

The patch was designed to allow both, but I didn't want to mess up
gc() so I didn't add an option for local metafiles.

Essentially the two lines in Brackup::Target that read:

     my $decrypted_backup = new Brackup::DecryptedFile($tempfile);
     my $parser = Brackup::Metafile->open($decrypted_backup->name);

would need to be rewritten:

   my $parser;
     # Assumes local metafiles are unencrypted.
     $parser = Brackup::Metafile->open($local_metafile_name);
     $self->get_backup($backup->filename, $tempfile);
     $decrypted_backup = new Brackup::DecryptedFile($tempfile);
     $parser = Brackup::Metafile->open($decrypted_backup->name);

But the outside loop in gc() needs to be rewritten, in order to
account for local metafiles and provide $use_local_metafile flag and
the $local_metafile_name above.

> Either way, does anyone have a version of this
> patch which will apply cleanly to 1.07 and, if so, is there any interest in
> getting this committed?

I just tested and it seems to apply cleanly to 1.07.

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