Verifying the InventoryDatabase

Ben Schumacher ben at
Tue Apr 28 18:19:08 UTC 2009

Has anybody done any work on some sort of code to verify the
InventoryDatabase? I've noticed that I've had some issues with mine
being way out of sync with what's on S3. It turns out that some of this
has to do with some backups that failed during their runs, leading to
data orphaned from metafiles being sent to S3 and eventually getting
cleaned up by a later 'gc' operation. Part of this is the fault of a bad
script I have for automating my backups (it always gc'd, even if the
backup aborted -- now fixed).

Anyway, rather than nuking my entire InventoryDatabase and possibly
forcing a reupload of many gigs of data to the TARGET, I'd like a tool
to do sanity checking of what's in the InventoryDatabase versus the
chunks already uploaded. I'd figure this would be a relatively simple
comparison of the 'value' column in the DB to the name of the objects in
the '-chunks' bucket on S3, but I figured I'd check if anybody has
already got some work start on this project.

Maybe a new command for 'brackup-target'? Any name suggestions or should 
I just run with something like 'verify_invdb'?


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