brackup possible memory leak - consumes 1.5GB+ with 64MB chunk size

Ed W lists at
Sun Aug 2 10:09:52 UTC 2009

William J. Coldwell wrote:
> I wonder if this is during building of the list of files.  Since I'm
> backing up 256k+ files, if this isn't stored in some sort of disk
> backed array, it could suck all of the memory allowed.

Can I suggest that a quick test could help determine that if you have 
some free IO?  Perhaps create a small script to "touch" files with 
random names in the style /a/b/c (to avoid overloading directory indexes 
on certain file systems).  Perhaps plot a simple chart of space required 
versus number of files (each 0 bytes in this scenario)

I suspect you will find you are right... One of the major optimisations 
of the new rsync is in decreasing memory required per file tracked.  
Seems like a fairly thing to estimate anyway

Good luck!

Ed W

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