Reusing chunks / brackup server

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Aug 13 04:29:52 UTC 2009

Ask Bjørn Hansen wrote:
> Given infinite time (or not already having infinite projects to do) it'd 
> be fun to make a "brackup server" that would be a brackup target 
> (working as a proxy to the real target) and then be the central 
> maintainer of the inventorydb.
> It'd do sha1 checking of the stored (proxied) data to let you share the 
> brackup target with less risk from a rogue user getting access to the 
> configuration on one of the sources.

I started working on something like this a while back:

However, in the end I just made everything backup to Amazon S3, since 
with my data it ended up not being that expensive to sometimes re-upload 
the same thing once for each host. (I was backing up lots of small 
config files that generally weren't the same from host to host anyway; 
the files that were the same were in my svn repo, so I just backed that up.)

I don't really remember what state that code is in, but if you or 
someone else would like to work on it I'm happy to give commit access.

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