brackup possible memory leak - consumes 1.5GB+ with 64MB chunk size

George Hills george at
Wed Jul 29 11:55:07 UTC 2009


Thank you for the reply and patch.

Gavin Carr wrote:

> Could you try the attached patch and see if it helps? It makes brackup
> write out the metafile incrementally rather than keeping it all in RAM
> and then writing it out at the end.
> Of course, you might be hitting something earlier than this, but this
> did seem to stabilise RAM usage for me when I wrote it.
> It should be stable (if I've pulled it out correctly) as I've been 
> running it myself for quite a while. 

The patch applies cleanly and brackup seems to work exactly as before -
that is to say it fairly rapdily consumes all the available RAM
(1500MB+) and dies.


George Hills
Systems Administrator

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