Couple code questions

Stéphane Alnet stephane at
Sat May 23 21:36:49 UTC 2009

Sorry to answer my own questions...

For the disappearing files issues (my item #2) I think the problem is
due to inconsistent usage of tempfile() throughout the code --
throwing away the "filehandle" object which I believe is used to
determine when the temporary file should be deleted. I'm working on a
patch for this.

For my item #3 (use of "--batch" for gpg) there is a "no_batch" option
in the code -- that partially answered that question. I don't know why
the option is there, but to keep things consistent it probably should
be used the same way every time encryption is requested.

I still don't have a good explanation for #1, inconsistent filesize
during backup. I've made some changes in my tree to try to work around
this issue and I'll submit a patch if it seems things are working


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