Config section inheritance

Gavin Carr gavin at
Fri Jan 15 17:10:08 UTC 2010

I'm thinking about implementing simple config section inheritance in
brackup, such that any keys that aren't defined in one section could
be inherited from a 'parent' section. 

That would let you do things like this in your brackup.conf (note the 
'inherit' parameters):

  type = Sftp
  sftp_host =
  sftp_user = brackup
  keep_backups = 0

  inherit = TARGET:myserver_defaults
  path = /data/brackup/home

  inherit = TARGET:myserver_defaults
  path = /data/brackup/images
  keep_backups = 20

  inherit = TARGET:myserver_defaults
  path = /data/brackup/music

  noatime = 1
  chunk_size = 64MB
  merge_files_under = 1kB
  smart_mp3_chunking = 1

  inherit = SOURCE:defaults
  path = /data/music

  inherit = SOURCE:defaults
  path = /home
  ignore = /\.Skype/
  ignore = /\.Trash/

  inherit = SOURCE:home

avoiding lots of redundancy, multiple places to update, etc.

Thoughts? Any better ideas?


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