Martin Atkins mart at
Mon Jul 3 18:53:12 UTC 2006

Karjala wrote:
> There's not a lot of interesting information on the JEP page about 
> components:
> All there's there is how a component is to connect to the server.
> How should one figure out how the component adds people to your roster 
> and transports messages to/from the other networks?
> Does anyone know anything about this stuff?

The roster will work the same way as it does normally:

* The user subscribes to the presence of (say) 
JoeWhatever at, which as usual sends a presence 
subscription to that JID.

* Since that JID is "owned" by the MSN gateway, it can then add the user 
to your MSN Messenger contact list, probably after using MSN's own 
permission requesting protocol to contact JoeWhatever.

* When the MSN gateway recieves an "available" presence announcement 
from your JID, it makes a connection to the MSN server and marks you 
online, then when it gets back your roster it sends you an "available" 
presence for each of the users on your MSN contact list that are online.

* As usual, your Jabber client sees these announcements and marks the 
contacts as online.

The same principle applies for messages. The key thing is that you 
configure the server to route messages to a JID with the domain (for 
example) to the component. It's then the component's 
job to take whatever Jabber packets it recieves and turn them into the 
equivilent message in the MSN Messenger (or AIM, Y!IM, whatever) protocol.

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