How tested is djabberd?

Karjala karjala_lists at
Wed Jul 5 00:07:10 UTC 2006

When the Jabber server sends an IM message to its client on behalf of 
some other user on some other server, doesn't the client somehow respond 
immediately to acknowledge to his own server that it has received the 

If no, it should (I think). If yes, then the server has an easy way of 
knowing if a client has gone offline and so to mark the client as 
unavailable and close its connection and to know that it has to store 
the icoming message and to re-serve it to the client later.

Martin Atkins wrote:
> The best way to detect a downed client, I think, is to just send it a 
> packet containing just a space as clients do for keep-alive; that way, 
> you'll probably get back either a Host Unreachable response or a TCP 
> RST packet depending on whether another client has taken up the same 
> IP address in the mean time. I don't think DJabberd currently does 
> anything like this, either.

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