Adium sending initial presence after getroster

Artur Bergman sky at
Wed Jun 21 05:59:01 UTC 2006


Adium is currently sending a setroster first, then an initial  
presence request

However, we have code in there that does this

         foreach my $jid (map  { $_->jid }
                          grep { $_->subscription->is_none_pending_in }
                          $roster->items) {
             my $subpkt = DJabberd::Presence->make_subscribe(to   =>  
                                                             from =>  
             # already in roster as pendin, we've already processed  
it, so just
             # deliver it so user can reply with subscribed/ 

however, that later gets caught in


     my $find_bares = sub {
         @dconns = grep { $_->is_available } $vhost- 

which sees that the connection is not available...

any suggestions?

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