Decision about server processing of stanzas

Pedro Melo melo at
Wed May 17 09:32:46 UTC 2006


On May 17, 2006, at 8:23 AM, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

> Artur was just touching this code, so I'll defer to him for now.
> He might've even fixed it independently (he didn't know about this  
> list
> :/).


> Can you write a test for this, now that we have such easy utility
> functions for writing tests?  look at t/exchange-messages.t or t/ 
> vcard.t
> to see how easy it is.  The two_parties function finds all sorts of  
> fun
> bugs, since it does both one-server and two-server cases.

Of course. the test framework was not in place when I did this... You  
did a bunch of new code, the new config file et al, that I haven't  
had the chance to look over.

BTW, next week I'll go on paternity leave so I'll be away for a month  
or so, in case you don't hear from me, it's not that I'm not  
interested in djabberd, is that I'll be busy with dippers.

> As for the ->forward method, I agree that the process/forward  
> switch code
> is getting a little hairy, but I don't want to touch it quite yet  
> as it's
> not getting terribly annoying yet.  I want to focus on more tests,  
> s2s bug
> fixes (wildfire), ssl bugfixes (delayed write errors), cluster-wide
> support, and more JEPs, notably MUC.  After that, performance work,  
> and
> cleanup along the way, using the growing test suite to give some
> confidence that refactoring isn't hurting us too much.

Ok. I was messing with this part because I was writting a vcard  
component using mogilefs for storage :), just for fun.

Arthur (i think) did a vcard component lately, so now I'll look at  
that to see if we can use the same protocol code with different  

Pedro Melo
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