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Michael Scherer misc at
Wed Nov 8 10:45:53 UTC 2006

Le mercredi 08 novembre 2006 10:36, Eugene Tumachoff a écrit :
> Hello Michael,
> MS> From what I understood, a  DJabberd::Component::External is used to
> interface MS> with external software that use xep-0114.
> MS> I am not sure, but extending DJabberd::Component seems to be the thing
> you MS> need to do.
> MS> Just do your logging in the handle_stanza method, that should be
> sufficient.
> Thank you! You've confirmed that I'm thinking in the right direction.
> So, I need to call $self->SUPER::handle_stanza in the overriden sub,
> and unfortunatelly, here I get the same bug (deep recursion) as described
> at

And if you do not call  $self->SUPER::handle_stanza ?

The example component don't, and from what I see, it is only here to dispatch 
the stanza to handle_message, and other convenient methods.

Maybe you could simply override those ?

Michael Scherer

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